Reflect, Prepare & Get a Free Gift!


...we make these promises to ourselves. We set standards and expectations for who we will become with our considering who we already are. What about the steps we've already taken? What about the missed marks? Our experiences are the best teacher! This year, 2020, I'm going to be more intentional and honor the person I am now so I can be real about who I want to be and how!

And Yes!

Brunch will be served!

 Let's toast to the future as we engage in enlighting convo and cut out things that inspire us! Paste with a Purpose is a moment to get real with yourself around a group thats on the same wave length! Not your average vision board shin dig!




on the vision

This is for you. The one I know works hard for everything, has big dreams and wants to live in purpose. I got you and I totally understand the struggle. We are going to do this together!


At this event we will have persons from all walks of life, all different paths, with a collective of stories and experiences we can share to help another. We will have a round table discussion with questions from our Purposeful Question bowl. What would you like to ask! Let's talk about it!


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