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If you are always
trying to be normal...

you'll never know how amazing you are.

- Maya Angelou

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Hey, I'm Dayna.

Even when it doesn't seem like it, I promise, in the midst, there is always beauty and opportunity...

Throughout my life and in my work, i've dedicated myself to seeking that beauty and unovering those opportunities. What I love the most is that the opportunity is never the same. Could be to restore, maybe learn or even communicate the beauty of whatever it is.


Design is all about the art of perception. I want to be apart of how people experience things and create memories from those experiences. These experiences make us who we are. If I can help others see beauty and have the opportunity to create positive life experiences, I'm all in! Not only digitally but actually.

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Located in Atlanta GA. However, the internet

allows me to be every where!  |  Tel: 313 - 433 -1309

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